Your issues are the only thing that matters when Veronica Lichtenstein is in session. Not only does she give you 100{c9061323317b8dca3b3585444274662faeadd3f76b2783f964588bbd8bde0db1} of her attention, she listens to you without any prejudgment .

“Often the first question a new client asks is, “Where do I begin?” My philosophy is that wherever you start is the right place

I do not follow a script, and the client is always in control of the session. I believe that my clients have the answers already and I am just the facilitator for finding them. I truly enjoy witnessing my clients’ empowerment! I counsel people of all ages with a variety of issues and I feel a strong connection particularly to teens. I use a lot of reflection and strive to turn your thoughts into reachable goals.