Your issues are the only thing that matters when Veronica Lichtenstein is in session. Not only does she give you 100% of her attention, she listens to you without any prejudgment.

“Often the first question a new client asks is, “Where do I begin?” My philosophy is that wherever you start is the right place.”

I do not follow a script, and the client is always in control of the session. I believe that my clients have the answers already and I am just the facilitator for finding them. I truly enjoy witnessing my clients’ empowerment! I counsel people of all ages with a variety of issues and I feel a strong connection particularly to teens. I use a lot of reflection and strive to turn your thoughts into reachable goals.

Book your Appointment

To make or cancel an appointment,


Call  561-903-TALK(8255)

A reminder text and email regarding your appointment will be sent the day before your scheduled time. Cancellations are accepted up to midnight before your appointment at email address above. For Sunday appointments, cancellations are accepted up to Friday at midnight. 

A variety of hours are offered throughout the week and weekend. Please note that 3:30-6:30 are the most requested times and the wait to see Veronica will be longer.  In this instance, consider booking an appointment outside of this timeframe if you would like to get in sooner. Our office will always do our best to accommodate your requests.

All inquires returned within 24 hours

Driving Directions

Prior to scheduling your first appointment, the following items will need to be provided to our office staff at

Please contact our office at or 561-903-TALK (8255) for a Docusign copy of our office paperwork. The payment form, including a credit card, must be completed by all clients prior to scheduling an appointment.  Our office accepts VISA, Mastercard and Discover. 

Also note that there will be no receptionist to greet you when arriving. Please take a seat in the waiting room and Veronica will be with you shortly.

See Veronica’s Office

New Clients

Thank you for your interest in Veronica Lichtenstein’s services.  We would be glad to book an appointment with you, but first we need a few pieces of information to expedite the process:

  • Payment Form: Please fill out and return so we can verify your insurance benefits and determine your copay.
  • A copy of a government issued ID and a copy of your insurance card.
  • Registration form.
  • A Visa or MasterCard number to keep on file: This is important because Veronica’s support staff is not on site. Therefore, there will be no financial transactions that will take place at her office. Once your session is over, your credit card will be charged your copay and a receipt will be emailed to you.

Support staff can be reached at: for scheduling appointments for financial questions to reach Veronica directly

Please download our new patient forms and fill them out before your visit to speed up your registration.

Registration FormPayment FormHIPAA FormAuthorization FormConsent Form for Couples and Families

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these PDFs

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